Flood - a profile-driven HTTP load tester

Flood is a profile-driven HTTP load tester. It can be used to gather important performance metrics for your website.

Please see the FAQ for common questions about flood.

Getting and using flood

Please read the Building flood document for a quick installation guide for flood.

Example profiles

Flood's configuration is XML-based. Some of the links below showcase some of the features available in flood. All of these files are available in the examples directory in flood's Subversion repository.

Subversion Access

You may browse the flood's Subversion repository online or via flood ViewCVS

Anonymous Subversion access (via WebDAV) is available. % svn co flood

Mailing Lists

Our mailing lists are open to the public.



On December 22, 2005, was merged with Our old archives are still available.


Like all Apache Software Foundation projects, flood is licensed under The Apache License.

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