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mod_fcgid is a high performance alternative to mod_cgi or mod_cgid, which starts a sufficient number instances of the CGI program to handle concurrent requests, and these programs remain running to handle further incoming requests. It is favored by the PHP developers, for example, as a preferred alternative to running mod_php in-process, delivering very similar performance.

mod_fcgid 2.3.9 released 2013-10-08

The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache HTTP Server Project are pleased to announce the release of version 2.3.9 of mod_fcgid, a FastCGI implementation for Apache HTTP Server versions 2.0, 2.2, and 2.4. This version of mod_fcgid is a security release.

You can get the source from your local mirror

Development of mod_fcgid can be followed through the Subversion repositories. For public access you can use:

% svn checkout mod_fcgid


The mod_fcgid reference page will get you started.

See the README-FCGID file distributed with the module's source code for additional build and installation notes.

Mailing Lists

Discussions of mod_fcgid take place on the Apache HTTP Server mailing lists , including the following:


mod_fcgid was created by Ryan Pan (Pan Qingfeng, pqf or 潘庆峰) in 2004 as a new FastCGI implementation, and was granted to the ASF as an Apache HTTP Server subproject in 2009, shepherded by Chris Darroch (chrisd).