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Apache HTTP Server Support

There are several places to obtain support for Apache httpd. They are presented here in the order in which you should probably consult them.

The documentation is the definitive source for information about the Apache httpd. The answers to your questions are probably there.

The Apache HTTP Server Users List , or the Usenet groups listed on that same page, are great places to ask questions when you are willing to wait a few hours, or possibly a few days, for an answer. These lists are frequented by people intimately familiar with the Apache httpd, who are willing to address your questions. You are strongly encouraged to consult the archives prior to asking a question.

The #httpd channel on the IRC network is a good place for quick questions. If your questions require a more in-depth answer, you will likely be encouraged to move the question to the mailing list.

If you think that you have found a bug in the software, or if you have a feature request, you can report these via the bug report page.

Commercial support for Apache httpd is available from a number of third-party companies. We do not maintain a list of these companies, however, and we encourage you to use your favorite search engine to find one.